Delayed Gross Motor Development

Noticing that your child doesn’t stand like the other kids at daycare, they don’t respond to sounds around them or they have a difficult time getting items to their mouth are just a few signs that your child is experiencing delayed gross motor development. Most people don’t reach full maturity until the age of 25, however, The Children’s Bureau claims that the first five years of a child’s life are critical for the success of the next 20. Peak Physical Therapy Quincy MA pediatric is dedicated to helping children of all ages understand their cases and maximize their potential. It is essential to catch a developmental delay as soon as possible to be able to jumpstart the rehabilitation process to ensure their quality of life. 

Recognizing Developmental Delays

While the “normal” rate at which a child grows is wide, understanding when a delay in their development is happening is important. It is helpful to be able to recognize a red flag in their growth progress to be able to introduce treatment at an early stage. There are many types of developmental delays in infants and young children which include: 

  • Language development

  • Vision

  • Motor skills 

  • Social and emotional skills

  • Cognitive/ thinking skills 

Sometimes a delay will occur in a few or all of the areas listed. In the case that all of them are altered, it is called “global developmental delay.” Understanding if your child is experiencing developmental delays can be gained by researching “child developmental milestones.” Websites such as the CDC, WebMD, and March of Dimes, are all great references when learning about the stages of progress that your child should be growing at. 

Physical Therapy for Developmental Delays

While at-home diagnosing can be the initial step in beginning your child’s rehabilitation process, visiting Peak Physical Therapy Quincy MA will ensure that the correct course of action is completed by the therapy team, as well as by the parents. After evaluating your child and conducting a detailed exam to determine specific strengths and weaknesses, your physical therapist will problem-solve with you routine and environmental alterations to enhance your child’s developmental skills. Along with the child’s primary doctor, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists, Peak Physical Therapy Quincy MA creates individualized programs to guarantee optimum results for your child such as creating exercises to practice, motions to perform, and possibly producing accessories to aid in issues such as standing and balancing.

Peak Physical Therapy Quincy MA

Our South Shore Physical Therapy practice specializes in physical therapy including many specialty programs including return-to-sports, vestibular, pelvic health, post-concussion, aquatics, and more. Locations include physical therapy Scituate, MA, Norwell, MA, Quincy, MA, Hanover, MA, Pembroke, MA, and Braintree, MA. Our specialized programs combined with state-of-the-art facilities allow us to meet the unique needs of our local patients and achieve the fastest results. If you are unsure whether this type of treatment can help you, we offer a no-obligation FREE injury screening. Click here for more information.

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