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At Peak Physical Therapy & Sports Performance, our four convenient locations give you greater access to the South Shore's best physical therapy services. Our state-of-the-art facilities include access to the best treatments and equipment to ensure a fast recovery. We've even expanded our facilities to include access to therapy pools as well as indoor sports fields. Click here to watch Peak's latest commercial!

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  • Aquatic Programs

    Peak Physical Therapy offers specialized programs to help individuals who may have difficulty tolerating therapy on land. Our Aquatic therapy programs reduce body weight by up to 80% making it a great way to gain motion, and in some cases, help prepare you for land-based therapy.

  • Fall Prevention Program

    Many individuals start to lose their balance as they age. This can be for a variety of reasons that may include loss of flexibility, loss of strength, inner ear issues, and even eyesight problems. These limitations can easily lead to falls at home or in the community causing a significant amount of injuries, hospitalizations and even death. Our fall prevention program evaluates the individual and develops a program to improve your balance and assure safety when at your home and in the community.

  • Orthopedics & Post-Operative

    Our orthopedic rehab experts provide exceptional care for your overuse injuries, work related injuries, motor vehicle related injuries, or post-operative conditions.

  • Pediatric Conditions

    We treat many pediatric conditions of all ages in an environment that is comfortable for both the patient and parent. We develop an individualized program to help your child move safely and to ensure optimum results. We work closely with your child’s primary doctor and other health care team members to help your child reach their goals and further maximize their independence.

  • Post-Concussion Management

    Concussion awareness and treatment has significantly increased over the past few years. Peak Physical Therapy is at the forefront of managing this type of head injury by providing treatments that, in conjunction with their doctor, help the individual return safely to their activity.

  • Spine Therapy

    Evaluating and treating spinal conditions can be very complex. Our therapists have specialized training to help properly determine the origin of the problem, and will provide safe and effective advanced treatments to help you restore optimum, pain free living. We even provide essential education to prevent chronic reoccurrence of your condition.

  • Sports Therapy & Performance Training

    At Peak Physical Therapy we see athletes of all levels including children, high school athletes, weekend warriors and professional athletes. Our goal is to return the athlete safely and quickly to their sport. We perform a variety of treatment techniques to achieve this fast return and even offer performance training to help our athletes take their sport to a higher level and prevent future injuries.

  • TMD Conditions

    TMD, or temporomandibular disorder is a condition that is characterized by pain and dysfunction of the jaw joint and surrounding facial muscles. Peak Therapy’s Individual treatment plans focus on reducing inflammation, and strengthening the joint to provide pain free mobility.

  • Vestibular Disorders

    Peak Physical Therapy has experienced clinicians who specialize in the evaluation and treatment of vestibular inner ear disorders. We can provide quick, safe, and effective treatments that can reduce, and often eliminate Vertigo or Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV).

  • Women's Health

    At Peak Physical Therapy we have designed custom programs for conditions related specifically to women’s health and well being. Our treatments can provide natural, safe, and effective results and often eliminate the need for medications or surgery.

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